AI-Driven Compliance for DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

Regulated drug screens are a specific type approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. These tests are the only type allowed for all employees required to be tested for drug use by federal law, such as those operating heavy equipment or large vehicles. Regulated Urine drug screens are nine-panel, meaning they test for nine types of drugs--amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, MDMA, 6 AM and PCP. 

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Register for your test and receive your test registration paperwork in your email, then proceed to the testing center. There is no appointment required. Lab based urine results are reported to MRO next day. 24 to 48 hour results.

Lab Testing Solutions also offers physicals approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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person holding pink sticky note

We partner with accredited labs for tests on various specimens, ensuring reliable outcomes with quality control measures like specimen splitting and laboratory audits.

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Our Services

We offer DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing for businesses, schools, and government agencies. Services include pre-employment, random, and post-accident testing.

Accurate Testing

Easy Integration with Your Trucking System

  • Publicly Accessible ChatGPT Link: Simply use our publicly shared ChatGPT link to integrate our tool into your system effortlessly.

  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with various trucking systems, our tool is designed to be universally accessible and user-friendly.

Revolutionize Your Drug Testing Process with AI

At Lab Testing Solutions, we've developed a groundbreaking ChatGPT tool designed to simplify your drug and alcohol testing compliance. Our AI-driven solution guarantees nearly 100% compliance with FMCSA regulations, making it an indispensable asset for any trucking operation.

How Our ChatGPT Tool Transforms Compliance

Automated Random Selection: Leveraging AI, our tool randomly selects drivers for testing, meeting the DOT’s stringent requirements for randomness and fairness (DOT Random Testing Requirements).Effortless Data Management: Streamline record-keeping with our AI's ability to process and manage diverse data formats.Real-Time Compliance Assistance: Get immediate, 24/7 support for all your compliance queries and stay updated with regulatory changes.Personalized User Experience: Enjoy customized interactions tailored to your specific needs and history with our intelligent ChatGPT interface.

Ensuring Full DOT Compliance

  • Strict Adherence to Regulations: Our tool is designed around the complexities of 49 CFR Part 40, ensuring that your business stays fully compliant.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Reduce administrative overhead and avoid non-compliance penalties, saving your business significant costs annually.

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person working on blue and white paper on board

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